A show about the forgotten generation, and everything you’ve forgotten about Generation X.


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A treat!

Love that this isn’t just a nostalgia bath for Olds (note: I am an Old). Instead, Karen and Wynter take you on trips through time, connecting the Pop of the past to that of our current moment. A treat!


These two could read the phone book and I’d show up for it, but this podcast is exactly what I needed.

There’s a place for us!

As a Pop Rocket fan I was DE-VA-STAT-ED when that show went off the air. But I didn’t have to wait long to keep hearing the incisive pop culture commentary I’d come to love. Karen and Wynter, two of the MOST sparkling, fascinating, witty, real, and fabulous voices from that show have branched out on their own to bring us W2X and as a newly-minted Gen Xer (b. 1979 and told until 5 minutes ago that I was NOT a Gen Xer) I could not be more delighted to have their brains and voices back in my headphones. More, more, more!

Two episodes in and loving it

From the flames of the old pop rocket podcast come rising out two heroes to save the day. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hiccup and belch. Oh and learn new slang words you never thought could exist. Fill your ear holes with the brilliance that is this excellent podcast.

Love it!!

I’m so glad to have Wynter and Karen in my earbuds again! They have such great discussions and points of view, and bring such fresh energy to stuff from my tweenage & teenage years that I’d forgotten I loved.

Colorado Gen X

As much as I loved Pop Rocket I can't help be happy that Karen Tongson and Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh are now free to start this amazing podcast. I may be biased as they are pandering to my demographic (class of 86) but I love their deep dives into Gen-X culture. Both hosts bring a depth of pop culture knowledge and a love of the material that is so refreshing in a world of jaded podcasts hosted by bored straight white dudes. Rock on X-halers!

So much fun!!

Adore these two hosts. Fun as hell!

Insightful pop cultre from a Gen-X perspective

Wynter Mitchell-Rohrbaugh and Karen Tongson, two of the four co-hosts of Pop Rocket, are back with a pop culture podcast delving into the latest news and '90s-era cultural touchstones from a Generation-X point of view. Funny, thoughtful analysis from two women who are glued to the culture and have an affable passion for the popular.

Hello Hello

Have loved Karen and Wynter for years. Can’t wait for this new chapter to continue to unfold.

A Worthy Successor To Pop Rocket

I was an avid fan of Pop Rocket and was so disheartened when it was cancelled. So it makes me so happy that two of its co-hosts have made their own new show. “Waiting To X-Hale” is a great take on pop culture from a WOC Gen-X perspective. It’s smart, funny and insightful. And Karen & Wynter have fantastic chemistry. Check it out!

Two wonderful women, one podcast

The work that these two cultural commentators did on their previous podcast was extraordinary. I expect no less this time around. Subscribe and wait for the magic every week in your feed! Welcome back!

Thank you ladies!

Thank you for coming back into my Honda CR-V speakers and getting me to my errands with style and grace. I needed you!

Love Karen, Wynter, and this Podcast!

These ladies are insightful, witty, educated, funny, honest, realistic, and their banter and rapport make the podcast a great one. There isn’t really another Podcast like this. The wait is over!

eXcellent & eXtraordinary

I was an eXtreme fan of the hosts’ prior venture, Pop Rocket Podcast, which was aXed by MaXimum UnFun network. I’m so eXhilarated to hear these two eXalted women back at it again. XoXo.

I wait with bated breath no more

Intelligent. Passionate. Funny. No, this isn't their Tinder profile but you do need to swipe right for this podcast. I've been listening to KT and WMR for a while, and when it comes to pop culture they are my point of view I didn't even know I had. Hits all the quadrants. So excited to have this in my regular rotation.

Love Karen!

I miss pop rocket dearly, it's great to have Karen and wynter back!

LOVE this pop culture pod!

I am floored by how much pop culture know-how Wynter and Karen have just waiting to be flipped out from their utility belts. Not only have I learned so much about the pop culture I grew up with, but I also laugh a ton listening to their amazing back and forth. They’re so fun and witty—I really feel like I’m listening to two super smart friends talk about all the things I love. This is my new favorite podcast!


Two of the most fun, intelligent, generous, hilarious voices in pop culture together and giving their genius to the masses!! I love hearing their thoughts on anything and everything. Pure gold.

Delicious dives into pop's past

Two of the certified divas from the late, lamented Pop Rocket Podcast, Wynter Mitchell Rohrbaugh and Karen Tongson, team up once again to look at pop culture through a Gen X perspective. (I might classify them as more borderline GenX/GenY, but this is an inexact science at best.) A great mix of personal reminiscence and pop scholarship, this is a show that will have you digging out old albums and rethinking your take regarding your teenage faves. Smart, snappy discussion -- check it out!

Karen & Wynter are Amaze

Delighted to listen to these beautiful souls on a podcast format again! Pop Rocket Fam Forever! 👏🏼😉